Role: Storyboarding, motion animatics, system development
Agency: Center

Mac does that. We helped build Apple's latest global brand campaign all about the way we work. Through a series of 15-second videos, we express what it feels like to work on a Mac, taking clues from the interface itself. From opening files, switching between apps, and using Airdrop, working on a mac makes our lives easier. PC users are introduced to the magic of MacOS through type-focused videos.

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AARP has incredibly strong brand recognition in the name but target audiences, weren't aware of all that the organization delivers. Additionally, communications across the many local chapters was inconsistent and complicated. This rebrand is built around a core idea: Wise Friend & Fierce Defender. The idea defines the role that AARP plays in its members' lives throughout the process, joys, and pitfalls of aging.
Stretching myself stylistically, I created one letter a day for 26 consecutive days. Spending anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours a letter.
Asterisk: A symbol used to stand for omitted matter. This zine is created for the things that go unspoken or hidden. Risograph with florescent pink and gold ink on 7 x 8 in recycled paper.
A compilation of print + digital projects designed while independently working with The New York Times brand team on NYT's subsidiaries: Cooking, Games, & Events. ////Role: Designer for NYT Brand Marketing team. The New York Times
Branding concept for a boutique hotel that resides in an old grade school built in 1915. As the current building maintains much of his school-roots, the concept aims to be charming and nostalgic with a dash of quirkiness. Typography and graphic motifs inspired from school ephemera of the era.
Concept for Alarm Magazine that brings a new level of sophistication and maturity to the rock / alternative music genre. While indulging in white space and artful photography, the redesign maintains a grungy aesthetic in the hand-altered type, motifs, and altered cover images. The various masthead versions mirror the restless nature of the music industry and the personality of the name itself.
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